I am sharing my innermost thoughts and aspirations with you. I hope you find them useful for your own journey.

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self-discipline's artful timekeeper

I wonder why I enjoy self-discipline so much. Given the 24-hour limit on each day I delight in using time as efficiently as possible. Also, it seems my mind and body are ultimately happier with regularity. Once a routine is established my mind embraces it. My whole body is more at ease and life flows more smoothly.

Some people would say I am too strict with myself. But on my journey through this illusory world, designed to distract, I have found self-discipline to be a valuable friend. Within the framework of discipline I am free to explore who I am and invent who I want to become.

“Guide Me”

In 2008 my friend Vivian gave me some free verse she had written and asked if I could make a song out of it. Her words were about seeking guidance in the face of a pending apocalypse. For the song I added imagined responses from the Almighty.

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