I am sharing with you some of my innermost thoughts and aspirations. I hope you find them useful for your own journey and will share your comments with me.

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self-discipline's artful timekeeper

I wonder why I enjoy self-discipline so much. Given the 24-hour limit on each day I delight in using time as efficiently as possible. Also, it seems my mind and body are ultimately happier with regularity. Once a routine is established my mind embraces it. My whole body is more at ease and life flows more smoothly.

Some people would say I am too strict with myself. But on my journey through this illusory world, designed to distract, I have found self-discipline to be a valuable friend. Within the framework of discipline I am free to explore who I am and invent who I want to become.

“Guide Me”

In 2008 my friend Vivian gave me some free verse she had written and asked if I could make a song out of it. Her words were about seeking guidance in the face of a pending apocalypse. I added my own words to provide imagined responses from God.


Oh my God, guide me.
I see nature being polluted.
I see livestock bred to be killed.
I see fields where forests once grew.
Would You, please, tell me what I can do?

My child, close your eyes and absorb my Light.
Become your true Self, dissolve mundane ties.
Your wisdom will let you know how you can help, help your world."Guide me" prayer on the waterfront

Oh my God, guide me.
I hear cyclones blowing down houses.
I hear children crying for food.
I hear widows sobbing with grief.
Tell me, how can I give some relief?

My child, close your ears and tune in my Sound.
Refine every cell, become less earthbound.
The heaven within you will benefit all in your world.

Oh my God, guide me.
Earth’s people are lost in their habits.
They don’t see the fate that awaits,
If the ice continues to melt.
Is there something else that will help?

My child, spread my Love; what more can I say?
Mankind should repent and pray every day
For life to continue with comfort and joy in your world.

“Song For The Fathers”

This was my friend Pacifia’s idea. She gave me some lyrics and melodies she had made up and asked me to develop them into a song. For Father’s Day 2007 we performed it at a nursing home in San Jose. Here is my solo rendition:


Fathers song performed here

Mission de la Casa


This is our song for the fathers,
Fathers in heaven and fathers on earth.
This is our praise for the fathers,
For showing us your inner worth.

First Verse

You always work so hard to support us.
You give your all and selflessly.
You teach with wisdom and by your example
So we’ll become the best we can be.

Second Verse

We thank you for the love that you give us,
Especially when we’re far, far apart.
We will remember you and keep you forever –
A treasure deep inside our hearts.

Final Chorus

So, here is our song for you, fathers.
We want to tell you in a special way:
We love you and we want to wish you
The most delightful Father’s Day!